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Painting with light, shadow, textures and patterns, creating images from everyday subject matter, (that most often goes unnoticed) that’s my passion. I strive to produce uncluttered minimalist images except for my abstracts.

Art Photography is my main interest. For many years I recorded “Black & White” images and then on a given day I had a paradigm shift and started working with color. Color became a very important aspect of my photography; however I do shoot black & white images when the subject matter dictates.

My ideal situation is creating the image in the viewfinder, utilizing the camera and lens to achieve the desired results to a certain extent. My latest work is morphing and I’m currently working more & more in the abstract arena. Square format and digital overlays have become my main focus. My latest work has forced me to approach my work in a different manner, which for me is very refreshing. I’m forming ideas and envisioning a finished image as I record the raw data. As I upload my images my thought process as to the final finished product is well on its way, kind of like working with a puzzle.

At this point view my work, let your imagination run wild, form your own opinion and hopefully you’ll be inspired. Thank you for taking the time viewing my passion.




Holy sh___________!

So, I go to boot up my computer this morning and I thought I was going to die right then and there! Was my computer sick with a virus? No, all my protection is up to date because I'm real careful about all the mean things that are out there, knowing that my computer can be harmed! My heart is racing at this point.

I just experienced an internal organ failure, the heart of my system. My first thoughts are; Is my life over? Such a loud grinding sound being emitted from my poor machine. Oh crap over 12,000 files at risk! I broke out in a cold sweat, totally panicked and trying to complete a hard shut down ASAP. Now I'm thinking, what now? So I let the poor thing sit for a few minutes and I re-booted. No grinding sound, that's a good thing, and then:

Up pops a message that my poor friend experienced a internal issue and that my friends up in Redmond Washington were going to attempt to repair my baby. So my machine is taken away to the operating room to perform some task that I don't even understand. They tell me that I won't lose any data but they are going to attempt to restore my machine to a prior date. What the hell does this mean? Kind of like putting your trust in doctors, will my baby make it? How am I going to deal with this if it doesn't pull though. Mixed feeling at this point! Sad and happy at the same time, thinking all along "Keep the faith Baby".

Low and behold my baby is released from the fixers and the operation was a success!. A heavy weight is lifted off my shoulders and I'm thinking to myself, man did I dodge a bullet, because it occurred to me that I haven't backed my system up for sometime now. So after backing up my system which took several hours (external hard drive, USB and an offsite cloud provider) I'm not so freaked out at this point. Doesn't mean that my little guy won't have any issues down the road. I gotta keep an eye on this little guy before I really hose myself. WOW!!!!! The only thing that I had to change was the time and date setting.

Moral of the story; BACKUP, BACKUP and more BACKUP.

I must be living a good life having escaped a major disaster. I'M HAPPY AGAIN, hope you are too. 

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160414b by JFBAYLE :)
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Thanks for the support*:heart:*
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